As an adjunct to the real estate law section, the real estate litigation section of the Firm practices real estate law and its application to particular disputes when the disputes are submitted to the court system for resolution. Real estate litigation involves both knowledge of real estate law and knowledge of litigation including pretrial discovery, rules of civil procedure and trial practice. Real estate litigation would include construction line foreclosures, mortgage foreclosures, equitable lien cases, title disputes, boundary lien disputes, landlord/tenant matters, and a host of other issues that arise when dealing with real property. Expertise in both real estate law and trial practice is required.

The Firm has litigated complex matters of real estate financing, construction law, adverse possession law, prescriptive rights, and a host of other issues involving real estate practice. The Firm’s real estate litigation attorneys are experienced and prepared to deal effectively with every situation a client may encounter and to take the client’s case through the litigation experience if necessary. The Firm’s litigation experience is of great value when matters of real estate law give rise to disputes which cannot be amicably settled and which find their way into the court system.