Presentations (as featured speaker):

The Role of Charting in Risk Reduction Gessler Clinic P.A., August 16, 2006

Med Mal 101: Basic Principles of Medical Negligence, Florida Orthopaedic Institute, April 11, 2005

Physician Risk Management Seminar: “Sensitizing Your Communication Antennae,” Watson Clinic, September 23, 2004

Physician Office Practices: Communication Issues Florida Society for Healthcare Risk Management July, 31, 2003

Current Issues in Medical Negligence Risk Management, Florida Orthopaedic Institute, February and March, 2003

Physician Risk Management Seminar-“Informed Consent: Issues and Complexities”, The Doctors’ Company, May 2001

Physician Risk Management Seminar – Florida Orthopedic Institute – “Charting Errors and Litigation Impact, January 2001

Effective Communications/Documentation – Frontier Healthcare Risk Management, February, 1999

Discussions on the Use of the Electronic Medical Record – American College of Medical Quality and PHICO, February, 1999

Risk Management for Attorneys – “The Cutting Edge”, CNA Insurance Company, Tampa, Florida, January 1998

Hillsborough County Bench Bar Conference – Panel Member, November 1997

Abuse and Exploitation of the Elderly and Child Abuse/Domestic Violence, Florida Spine Study Group, Tampa, Florida, October 1997

Presentation to Florida Orthopaedic Institute – “Current Issues in Risk Management”, CNA Insurance Company, Tampa, Florida, May 1997

Risk Management, HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence Seminar, PHICO Insurance Company, Clearwater, Florida, February 1997

Risk Management for Attorneys – “The Cutting Edge”, CNA Insurance Company, Tampa, Florida, January 1997

Update on Florida Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations, Florida Spine Study Group, Tampa, Florida , November 1996

Workshop Presentation – Coping With Malpractice Litigation, “Tricks of the Trade”, Professional Risk Management Services, Inc., Naples, Florida, November 1996

Recent Developments in Florida Medical Malpractice Law, Florida Spine Study Group, Tampa, Florida, July 1996

Recent Trends in Medical Malpractice Litigation, CNA Insurance Companies, Tampa, Florida, June 1996

Impact and Explanation of Wells Decision on Apportionment and Set-Off Doctrines, Presented to CNA Professional Liability Claims Adjusters, May 1996

Comparative Analysis of Criminal and Civil Burdens of Proof, Florida Spine Study Group, Tampa, Florida, April 1996

Minefields of Practice – An Overview of Legal Malpractice Risk Management, Presented by CNA Insurance Companies, Tampa, Florida, February 1996

Physicians Risk Management Seminar – The Health Law, Jordan, Roberts & Company, Tampa, Florida, October 1995

Malpractice and the Law – A Discussion of Legal Precedent and Current Trends in Florida Law Presentation at Diagnostic Clinic, Largo, Florida May 1995

Diagnosis and Treatment of a Medical Malpractice Suit, CNA Insurance Companies, Saddlebrook Resort, Florida March 1995

CME Program for Lakeland Regional Medical Center Staff January 1995 – The Role of Legal Precedent in establish­ing medical standards of care and recent developments in medical negligence litigation.

Closing Argument for the Defense (Florida Bar Trial Advocacy Seminar 1994)

CNA Loss Control Seminars – Loss Reduction During Trial (Multiple cities in Central Florida 1993 to 1995)

CNA Office Practice Seminar for Nurses (Multiple cities in Central Florida 1992 and 1993)

Opening Statement for the Defense (Florida Bar Trial Advocacy Seminar 1992)

Continuing Medical Education Program for St. Joseph’s Hospital Medical Staff: Recent Non-Florida Appellate Decisions as Predictor of Theories of Medical Negligence Liability in Florida (November, 1991)

Recent Trends in the Development of Malpractice Litigation (Polk County Medical Association 1991)

CNA Physician Protection Program – Risk Prevention for the Medical Practitioner (Multiple cities in Central Florida 1990-1992)

Cross-Examining the Orthopaedic Surgeon – Orthopaedics for the Lawyer (Professional Education Seminars, Tampa, Florida 1990 and 1991)

CNA Insurance Company – Communication and Legal Issues in the Medical Office (Multiple cities in Central Florida 1988-1990)

Florida Bar Trial Advocacy Seminar Workshop leader, lecturer, executive committee (served in various capacities from 1976 to 1994)

Voir Dire and the Art of Jury Selection (Florida Bar Trial Advocacy Seminar 1989)

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